Need to self-tape? I've got you!

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I incorporated Back40 in 2003, and since then have brought in literally hundreds of projects, on time and on budget. This ain't my first rodeo.

Actors get them all the time: "Could you please put yourself on tape for this, as soon as possible? It'd increase your chances if you could get video in." And each time, you've got to marshal all those resources, find a friend to read for you, capture, edit... and on and on. And what if:

- your apartment has terrible light?

- you hate dealing with editing programs?

- you just want it all to be a little bit easier?

I'll come to you. Capture and edit, on-site.

I'll show up with lighting, sound and an editing rig, and I'll have your audition - edited and ready - in your hands before I leave. I'll come to your place, or I'll meet you at a studio (studio rental extra).

Pricing starts at $50 for a 30-60 minute capture session, and $50 for 1 hour of editing. 

LET'S DO THIS - contact me.