Experience matters.

Institutional knowledge matters.

Progressive thinking matters.

I served on Council for a decade. I created the Media committee, and helped create the Media Rules that put found money in your pockets. I fought for you in negotiation after negotiation.

I know how our Union works.

Our national political scene at present shows in no uncertain terms what happens when you have inexperience in the room; at best, gridlock - at worst, chaos.

We face an administration that is more hostile towards Unionism than any in our lifetimes. Consider that a National "Right to Work" (for less) Bill has begun debate in Congress. Now more than ever, we need our best and brightest in the room.


Help me get back in there.

Mo Brady and Nikka Graff Lanzarone's podcast series

Mo Brady and Nikka Graff Lanzarone's podcast series

<--The Ensemblist podcast featuring AEA:

- Don't know the Ensemblist? Check them out, they're terrific.

Click the LOGO - I'm a guest along with former AEA VP Paige Price and Eastern Councilor SM Jason Quinn.

Here's a BLOG POST I wrote a few years ago on my story of coming to be a Union member, and what it means to me.

Other ideas/challenges to answer:

*How will the 'gig' economy (Uber, Lyft, AirB&B) affect the theatre industry? No one is better suited and more adaptable to this world than we are; we hustle. We ARE the 'gig' economy - we can organize this sector of work.

* Also: How will Virtual Reality impact how people enjoy theatre? Very soon you may be able to put on a VR headset and be right onstage with the company of a play while it's happening: Incredibly exciting tech that we need to be out in front of.



*Get Netflix, Amazon, YouTube and others to talk about starting an "All Union Theatre" streaming platform - more media, media payments, and exposure for all Actors (and Producers). Let's create a central platform that features all Pro theatre, from our tiniest stages to Broadway.

*Continue to fight, in a Labor market that is under constant attack, state by state, and region by region. We don't bow to anti-Unionists. EVER.

Vote online at the AEA website:

And thank you.