On why I'm a moonshiner at heart. #MapleSyrup #BOOZE

I was raised in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan on a large parcel of land full of mature hardwood trees, mostly maple.  When I was about 8 years old or so, my Dad drilled a hole in the trunk of one of those trees, hammered in a tap, and stuck a bucket underneath. Later that month he'd made a huge mess, and about a half gallon of maple syrup. And then just a few years later, it was a fully fledged business:

This business is essentially distilling at heart, only distilling sugar instead of alcohol. Thus, I believe that it's no surprise that I have a rather healthy obsession with Craft Beverages (check out: The Happy Hour Guys).  

My folks still make syrup, on a different parcel in the U.P. - and every year I do everything I can to lug 5 gallon buckets through the snow.

The lesson? Find your Craft. Find it, practice it, and share it.