#MyFairLudwigs: The Family to Florida!

It’s not often the whole family travels to a gig BECAUSE THE WHOLE FAM IS DOING IT;

Well, except for Jake of course. We’ll get him worked in at some point, but KB and I got the chance to star opposite each other, Higgins and Eliza, in My Fair Lady in an outstanding production at a gem of a theatre.

Here are some production photos and candids from our time at the marvelous Riverside. What a trip!

Fi-diddle-dee-dee: Back to the Berks for me!

Not since 2011, when I was there to do a play. But this time, a Musical:

Tomorrow I'm heading to the train and then to Western MA, where I'll be hanging with old friends Katie B., Graham, Joe and others (and making new ones) working at the Berkshire Theatre Group playing the terribly silly Dr. Kitchell, And Many Others. And of course at some point (perhaps many points), I'll be heading back to MOE's Tavern, because, well, #CraftBeer and #AmazingWhiskey:

Life is good, y'all: Life is good. This should be damn fun. Stay tuned for rehearsal updates!