On going the Full Tennessee: Period of Adjustment!

Poster Art for W.H.A.T.'s upcoming production

Poster Art for W.H.A.T.'s upcoming production

Every actor's dream is to have jobs that dove-tail, one into another. And I'll say it: To this point my career hasn't seen enough of that.

But every now and then, things line up. So thankfully and immediately after The Full Monty closes in Aspen, I'll fly back to New York and drop into rehearsal with director Michael Unger for a Tennessee Williams comedy (yes you read that right, a comedy). 2 weeks of rehearsal in the city, then off to Cape Cod, and the Wellfleet Harbor Actor's Theatre. This blurb on the show is from their website:

"A light-hearted story that brings together two couples on Christmas Eve and emulates the sign of the times in the late 1950s. This Tennessee Williams comedic departure was written in response to a critic who asked why his plays were always 'plunging into the sewers.' The result is a serious comedy with a humorous viewpoint on very real human situations.

Following the run at WHAT, Period of Adjustment continues to the Tennessee Williams Festival in Provincetown."

I've already started working on the material, and can't wait to dig further. Any of you East Coast types want to do some late summer play watching (and daydrinking) on the Cape? See you there!