On injury: What does it teach us?

I have developed a cranky back.

Where I wish I was right now.

Where I wish I was right now.

Specifically, my L3-4 joint is a klooge-filled sh*tshow. An inflamed junkyard of sneaky stabbing pains. 

Because of this back, I pulled out of the NYC Marathon this year, and I've been off (and back in, then off) the road since mid September. For those of you who know me, you know how much running is a part of my life. This SUCKS. 

However, in an effort to cut thru the frustration of all this, I've been trying to use my noggin for something other than negativity.  Thus:

Every time we have injuries, we re-learn some things. Here's my list:

I'm a terrible patient. It's in my genes; my Dad is a surgeon, my Grandad was a physician; they both got into trouble by not taking advice that they themselves would give to others. Many of us ignore things repeatedly when it comes to health. And this bad back is driving me up the freaking wall and all I want to do is take a long run...but if I want this to be anything other than a chronic condition, if I want to beat this massive knot, I have to do follow orders and rest, do my PT, etc, and not try to 'force things', as difficult as that can be.

It's okay to be angry.  I'm pissed, pissy, cranky, you name it. The point (and I have varying degrees of success with this) is not to let the anger lead you to stupidity: Like saying f*ck it and going out for a 10 miler because you've missed your endorphin drug of choice for days and weeks. 

As with everything else in this life, it's a journey. PT, MRI, a needle full of steroids into that joint between my vertebrae: Better living thru Chemistry. How many times? How long is this particular trip? We'll see.

Update: So far, so good not back on the road just yet, but things are looking good. Even though this feels like a long way to go, I'm glad I started down the treatment path and am battling my various demons. 


BIGGEST LESSON: Ignore medical conditions at your peril. I'm not saying be a hypochondriac by any means; but if something persists, even if you think the treatment may suck nearly as much as the condition, Get. It. Checked.